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Hershey’s Is Redesigning Their Iconic Chocolate Bar For the First Time Ever

Hershey bars have looked basically the same forever. Each milk chocolate bar is molded with 12 break-away rectangles of chocolate that make for easy snacking and sharing, and each little rectangle is emblazoned with the Hershey’s name. When I was little the bars were wrapped in foil and paper, and now they’re wrapped in plastic, but other than that the chocolate bar has had the same design for 125 years. But things are about to change in a big way, because this iconic candy bar is getting an emoji makeover.

Now, each cocoa rectangle (fun fact: the rectangles are called pips) will bear the image of an emoji instead of the brand’s name. Sadly for the pranksters among us, the emojis in question were selected by parents and kids and are meant to encourage conversation between friends and family. How sweet. I guess Hershey’s knew what it was doing when it didn’t turn this into some sort of vote-for-the-emojis competition, or we’d probably be eating bars that are decorated with cigarettes and bloody syringes (remind me again why those emojis exist?).

Instead, you’ll see things like the blowing a kiss emoji, the fist bump emoji, and the smiley face emoji. There is a bit of good news for the silly at heart: yes, the smiling poop emoji *did* make the cut! Hey, I guess one thing adults and kids can agree on, even in a corporate setting, is that poop is kinda funny.

Each bar will feature a different selection of emojis, with a total of 25 different emojis being selected. Everything else about the bar will remain the same, so you don’t need to worry about your S’mores tasting different this summer. You’ll be able to find emojis on the little snack-sized Hershey’s milk chocolates, too.

The bars will hit stores this season and will be available throughout back-to-school season, or as long as supplies last. After that, it will be back to the standard bar — but hopefully, after the emoji experiment, we’ll all be a little more open to sharing our pips with our loved ones.

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