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Trader Joe’s Has a YouTube Channel & It’s as Quirky as You’d Expect

Trader Joe’s has made it very clear it puts people first, from its customers to its employees. So it’s no surprise the grocer — which was recently named by Forbes as America’s best employer — was quietly working behind the scenes to film and produce not one, not two, but 12 videos for its brand-new YouTube channel, which quietly launched a couple weeks ago.

With nearly 4,000 subscribers and counting, Trader Joe’s joined YouTube on April 23, and since, has published over 30 videos, including 14 podcast episodes hosted by Matt Sloan, TJ’s vice president of marketing product, and Tara Miller, marketing director. The episodes are recorded from its headquarters in Monrovia, California and gives a behind-the-scenes deep-dive into the quality of its products, the grocer’s values and more.

In addition to the podcast playlist, Trader Joe’s YouTube channel is broken up into four other categories: recipes, how it’s made, products and who we are. The recipes playlist already includes how to make falafel waffles, charcuterie board and more, with a couple of the videos featuring the Fearfless Flyer puppet, dressed to the nines with a bowtie, cap and goggles, alongside Bon Appétit editors, Food Director Carla Lalli Music and contributor Rick Martinez.

“How It’s Made” videos are pretty self-explanatory; the informative videos detail how products like organic blue corn tortilla chips, peony blossom scented candles and cold brew coffee concentrate (one of our favorites) are made.

The “Products” playlist, so far, includes a closer look at a few popular TJ’s items, including maple leaf cookies, the broccoli and kale slaw salad kit and celery — yes, celery, a product TJ’s really, really loves. For proof, see below.

And, lastly, “Who We Are” is basically an ode to its greatest strength: its employees.

“Trader Joe’s is a store of stories,” says Sloan in one of the podcast hosts, and we can’t wait to watch all of the videos on the grocer’s quirky YouTube channel.

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