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Dairy Queen’s New Blizzard Flights Are Here to Make Our Ice Cream Dreams Come True

Nothing says “summer!’ like treating yourself to a Blizzard from DQ, but choosing the perfect flavor can seem impossible. As a kid I didn’t know that their flavors went beyond cookie dough, and I didn’t know why anyone would care if they did, but as I grew up I became a connoisseur. Now, Dairy Queen is serving up Blizzard flights, so you can enjoy three of your favorite flavors in one go.

Each Mini Blizzard Treat Flight will give you a taste of three different ice creams. You can choose from the classics or sample something from their limited-time Summer Treat Menu. That includes the Blizzard of the month (brownie dough, with chocolate chunks and cocoa fudge), and flavors like Summer Berry Cheesecake (made with real berries!), Cotton Candy, Caramel Cannonball, and S’mores Blizzard Treat.

If you haven’t had a Blizzard before, they’re like milkshakes or frappes, but made with soft serve ice cream that’s blended with candy and other mix-ins. Once blended, they’re so thick that you can turn your cup upside down and nothing will fall out (if it does, you’re guaranteed to get a new one!). You’ll need a spoon to get started on your treat, but as it melts (and once you eat all the candy, cookie, and cake chunks in your cup), you can switch to a straw.

The ice cream and treat chain has some other seasonal options to enjoy as well. You can get a Chicken & Waffles basket with fries and syrup, a DQ® Cupfection (a hybrid ice cream sundae/trifle in Summer Berry or Brownie and Oreo flavors), or a Cake Shake (choose from strawberry or chocolate, then receive a milkshake blended with cake and other add-ins).

It sounds like it’s time for us to get acquainted with this mall-treat favorite. I’ll get a Blizzard flight, you get a Cake Shake, and we can share.

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