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If You Ever Wanted to Measure Your Baby in Big Macs, Now You Can

What is it with comparing the size of a baby growing in one’s belly to food? A grain of salt, a jelly bean, an avocado. And now we can add McDonald’s Big Macs to that list. It’s true, someone built an entire website that answers the age-old question: How many Big Macs is my baby? is a no-frills website that allows you to input how many weeks pregnant you are and it’ll convert the approximate weight of your baby into Big Macs

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Image: McDonald’s. McDonald's.

At eight weeks, the site states that the average baby’s weight is 1 gram, or less than one Big Mac, which is approximately 0.48 pounds. On the far opposite end of the spectrum, at 40 weeks, your 3,685-gram baby is equal to 17 Big Macs. So next time anyone posts an Instagram update of their pregnancy progress, keep that figure in mind.

You can even convert your baby’s current weight, in pounds or kilograms, into Big Macs. Or, you can do what we did and use your own weight because that’s much more fun, right? For instance, if you weigh 150 pounds, that’s 315 Big Macs. The website even copy-pastes an image of a Big Mac 315 times, and honestly, we’re a little impressed at that dedication.

The website was created by Gabriel Guyer “ to celebrate their son’s first year of life,” the website’s footer notes, adding: “It was just a random fun idea created by the comedienne Nickey Winkelman to describe the size of her baby in something more relatable than Kale.”

BRB, calculating my dog’s weight in Big Macs…

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