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KFC’s New Zinger Sandwich Has a Mac & Cheese ‘Bun’ — Yes, You Read That Correctly

In need of some seriously next-level fried food? Well, you’re in luck, because KFC is ditching the buns on its popular Zinger breaded-chicken sandwich for two deep-fried patties comprised of… mac and cheese. Yes, you read that correctly: The newly launched Zinger has macaroni and cheese molded into two “buns.”

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Image: KFC.

In a dramatic video ad posted on YouTube on Tuesday, KFC teased the release of the calorie bomb to top all calorie bombs, describing the sandwich as the “ultimate indulgent burger” — and they’re not wrong. In addition to the cheesy patties, the burger is drizzled with even more creamy cheese sauce and topped with crispy turkey bacon and lettuce.

Take note that the video was posted on KFC Singapore’s YouTube channel, so we won’t find the sandwich here in the States (for now at least). No word on whether it will travel overseas, but… do we want it to?

Nutritional information for this particular sandwich isn’t available, but if you combine the calorie count for a Zinger sandwich, which is about 480 calories, and the calorie count for their macaroni and cheese side, which KFC claims is 170 calories, this one sandwich will set you back 650 calories before you get to the turkey bacon and extra cheese, which doesn’t sound too bad considering how much deep-frying is happening in this sandwich. (But honestly, it’s probably way more than that.)

According to CNA Lifestyle, the Mac ‘N Cheese Zinger, which launched yesterday in Singapore, is priced at $7.50, or about $5.50 USD. For $1 more, you can make it a combo and get a medium whipped potato (whipped potato!) and a medium soft drink.

Get it while you can, people in Singapore, because it’s only available for a limited time.

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