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Applebee’s New Shark Bowl Cocktail Comes With a Chewy Surprise

We can’t be the only ones who have been plagued by the earworm that is “Baby Shark,” and sometimes, the only thing that will get it out of our heads is a stiff drink. Well, Applebee’s seems to know this, and they’re offering up something that’s equal parts cure and curse: a frozen Mucho Shark Bowl drink that’s topped with a gummy shark. Bite into it, and let out all the aggression you’ve felt toward that unrelenting little “Baby Shark” song.

The cocktail is a frosty blue concoction spiked with Captain Morgan (the appropriate booze for any and all sea adventure-themed drinks) and flavored with tropical fruit juices. One drink will set you back around $7.50, but let’s be real — you’ll probably end up drinking at least two. After all, you’re in an Applebee’s. Pair it with an order of Double Crunch Shrimp or cedar-plank salmon with maple-mustard glaze, and you’ll feel like a pirate dining in style on the open seas.

Of course, if you really want to make like a buccaneer, you could be chugging down one of their massive Captain and cola drinks. They’re the Neighborhood Drink of the Month, meaning each one costs just $2. That’s less than the cost of a regular glass of soda at most restaurants!

The Shark Bowl will be available for a limited time only, so scrape together those Applebee’s gift cards you got over the holidays and head on over so you can drown your sorrows (and a gummy shark) in one of these frozen blue behemoths. Just remember to take an antacid first.

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