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13 Easy Pizza Recipes to Make With Your Kids Tonight

Everyone knows pizza is a great last-minute dinner option. When you’re hungry, tired and out of ideas, a hot pizza is only a phone call (or realistically, a few clicks) away. But, pizza can also be a great option for nights when you’re going homemade. In fact, there are tons of easy pizza recipes out there that make for great, crowd-pleasing dinners.

Some of the easy pizza recipes below are a little more involved and give you the option to make your own dough. This can be fun, but it isn’t totally necessary. You can pick up refrigerated pizza dough at your supermarket — if you can find it, the bagged stuff that looks like what they use at the pizzeria is a much better option than canned dough — or use a prebaked frozen crust. Or if you’re really in a bind, get creative and use French bread, naan or a pita as your “crust” for a pizza ready in as much time as it takes the cheese to melt.

No matter how much time and energy you feel like putting in, there are infinite easy pizza recipes out there, both homemade and semi-homemade. The 13 easy pizza recipes below make great dinners and will likely delight everyone at the table.

Broccoli 4-cheese naan pizza

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Image: Peas and Crayons.

A dose of greens comes on a doughy crust alongside several types of cheese in this broccoli-cheese pizza.

Easy French bread pizzas

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Image: The Pioneer Woman.

A French bread pizza makes a great easy weeknight dinner for one, but it can also be fun with a crowd. Get a bunch of bread, sauce and cheese plus a dozen topping choices, then let everyone put together their own pizza.

Deep-dish spinach-tomato pizza

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Image: Girl Versus Dough.

Whether or not you love deep-dish pizza, you have to admit that it’s a great way to maximize the number of toppings. This spinach-tomato version is packed with greens, cheese and sweet tomatoes.

Grilled vegetable & goat cheese pizza

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Image: Seasons and Suppers. Seasons and Suppers.

A great summer dinner option, this grilled vegetable and goat cheese pizza works just as well in colder months if you substitute your favorite roasted root vegetables.

The best pan pizza

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Image: Foodie With Family.

Cast-iron skillets are the best way to cook many things, including the best pan pizza.

Roasted butternut squash & balsamic Brussels sprout pizza

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Image: Cooking With Cocktail Rings.

Love fall food in any form? This butternut squash and Brussels sprout pizza is for you.

Ricotta & spinach calzones

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Image: Kitschen Kat.

Shake up pizza night with these ricotta and spinach calzones. You can opt for one big one or several small ones so everybody has their own.

Sheet pan pizza

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Image: Completely Delicious.

Sheet pan dinners are great for easy cleanup and tasty meals. Next time you’re in the mood, try a sheet pan pizza.

Roasted garlic, chicken & spinach white pizza

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Image: Damn Delicious.

No tomato sauce? No problem. This chicken and spinach white pizza has more than enough flavor without it thanks to roasted garlic and tons of herbs.

Buffalo chicken whole-wheat pizza

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Image: Baked by Rachel.

Craving hot sauce? This Buffalo chicken pizza will do the trick and makes a great dinner.

Vegan caramelized mushroom pizza

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Image: The Curious Chickpea.

We love cheese, but this vegan mushroom pizza proves it isn’t an absolute necessity for a delicious pizza.

Greek pizza

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Image: Cooking Classy.

Love the sharp flavors of olives, feta and red onion? This Greek pizza has ’em all on a doughy crust.

Chicken pesto pizza

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Image: Damn Delicious.

Herbs and Parmesan get their due in this tasty, satisfying chicken pesto pizza.

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