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Martha Stewart’s Scrambled Egg Hack Is Strange &, Honestly, Genius

You probably think scrambled eggs are a super-simple dish, but they’re actually the center of a lot of controversy. Every chef has their own recipe they swear is the best out there. Now, we have a new contender for winner of the best scrambled egg recipe award, and it’s Martha Stewart! The cook, party planner and author has come up with a scrambled egg hack that you simply have to see to believe.

That’s right, folks. Martha Stewart wants you to cook your eggs in your cappuccino maker.

The video, posted by the Food Network, shows Stewart demonstrating how to whip up the “softest, fluffiest scrambled eggs.” And while many believe the secret to a good egg is a sturdy pan, whisk and maybe some melted butter, Stewart swears by her cappuccino machine.

“Here’s a very fun way to cook scrambled eggs,” Stewart says. “Insert the steam wand right into the scrambled eggs. It steams the eggs… and in just a matter of seconds, your eggs are finished.”

She then goes on to explain, “These eggs are buttery and fluffy and light and delicious.”

Reviews are obviously mixed. Comments ranged from “oh hell nah” to “what white nonsense is this?” Food Network’s Twitter was also flooded with a slew of GIFs, and some people even chimed in to say they have tried this method and love it.

If you have a cappuccino maker in your kitchen, this may be worth a shot.

Who knows? It may be your new favorite one-pot (er, I mean, one cup) meal.

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