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PotentSea Fertility & Libido for Women and PotentSea Organic Sea vegetables

Special message from our advertiser“I don’t know if it is to soon to get my hopes up, but I had some really exciting news yesterday. I have been on a eight-month regimen of fertility drugs with very little hope. Besides gaining weight I was always tired and I had no libido. I started a new cycle (of fertility drugs) last Tuesday and the only thing I have been doing different is taking your PotentSea Fertility & Libido for Women. Well the doctor is in shock, normally I get one egg, this time I have eight! perfect eggs. I don’t want to sound like an info commercial but I feel so much better this time. I have lots of energy and my libido is back to normal. I won’t know for two weeks if I am pregnant but I thought you might like to hear my ‘testimony.'” – Joanne Agusto, 38, Natural foods distributor, mother and wife.

PotentSea Fertility & Libido for Women is an all-new, highly-effective approach to the issue of female fertility and libido. Women around the globe are enjoying the benefits of taking this one of kind marine derived nutritional supplement. No other manufacturer uses the unique raw material known as marine mollusk extract (MME). For centuries, MME has been used by the women of native coastal tribes to increase fertility and boost sex drive.

With its PotentSea Organic Sea Vegetables Gold Leaf Sustainable incorporates five types of certified organic red, brown and green sea vegetables grown in the clean waters off of the state of Maine and Iceland. UC Berekely and UC Davis have recently released a joint study showing a link between low breast cancer rates in Japanese women and diet rich in the types of sea vegetables that are present in our PotentSea Organic Sea Vegetables. The bio-available, organic iodine and trace ocean minerals present in sea vegetables work to balance the thyroid. A balanced thyroid can result in a healthier metabolism and promotes overall wellness and organ function. The trace minerals also work to promote beautiful, youthful hair, skin and nails.

Both products can be taken while breastfeeding or pregnant.

To purchase either PotentSea Organic Sea Vegetables or PotentSea Fertility & Libido for Women, visit or request it at your local health food retailer.

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