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WesterN SizzliN revamps menu

Wanting to satisfy consumer demands, WesterN SizzliN, a nationwide steak house, recently unveiled its new low-carb menu.

“We call it the ‘Low Carb? No Prob!’ program,” says John Comstock, WesterN SizzliN’s director of creative services. “If someone comes in to one of our sit-down restaurants, we won’t put a potato on their plate if they don’t want it. Our low-carb, high-protein option means that someone can substitute a side of green beans, for example, in place of other high-starch side dishes.”

Realizing many consumers want control over their food choices and quantities, WesterN SizzliN took their program one step further. “Our style of cooking, in addition to being an all-American tradition, can be one of the healthiest dining-out options out there. Our salad bars and hot buffets let our customers exercise their own portion control, and select items that best fit their nutritional regimens,” says Comstock. WesterN SizzliN, formerly Austins Steaks and Saloon, Inc. has 171 restaurants in 22 states operating under the names of WesterN SizzliN, WesterN SizzliN Wood Grill, and Great American Steak and Buffet Company.

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