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Ask Chef Mom – A well-done steak

Do you have a question about cooking or planning meals for your family? Chef Mom is here to help! Ask her your question, and she will offer you her time-tested, mom-smart advice.

The question

Dear Chef Mom: How do I make a steak well done on a grill? It seems it cooks on the outside but I can’t get it done on inside. – Marty in Sayreville, N.J.

Chef Mom says

Chef Mom likes her steak rare, so she had to consult her team of moms and experts for the best ways to cook a steak well-done. Here’s what they suggested:

“The trick is to be sure that you have allowed enough time for the grill to preheat,” suggests Amanda Formaro of The Family Corner. “Coals should be gray, but not dead, usually 25 minutes from the time you light it. Raise the grid up a bit as well, this way the steak is not as close to the coals and the outside will not char.”

Cheri Sicard of Fabulous Foods agrees that keeping the coals cooler will help, “so the steak can stay on the grill longer without the outside burning.”

Be sure to trim as much excess fat off of the meat you can before grilling it. Amanda says, “When the fat heats up, it drips into the coals, causing flare-ups that char the meat, making it look done when it’s not.” She also recommends turning the meat fairly frequently. Allowing the steak to sit on one side for too long also may gives the meat a chance to char.”

Julie Rogers of Mom!Mom!.com has a tip from the restaurant trade: Bake the steak after after grilling. “Once it gets as brown as you like it on the outside, just bake it at 350 for about 15 to 20 minutes, depending on how thick it is. Then you have the best of both worlds and a nice juicy steak still.” Knowing a mom’s busy schedule, Julie also suggests setting the table and fixing a salad while your steaks are in the oven.

Good luck and bon appetit!

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