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These Are the Foods We Loved to Order in 2018, According to Postmates

Looking back on 2018 can leave us with the chills (let’s just say a lot went down) but reading up on all the delicious food we ordered through Postmates helps take some of the sting out. It turns out we weren’t the only ones ordering in this year. Some of the most popular foods ordered in 2019, according to Postmates’ data, make total sense, but others are a bit more confusing.

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Holiday ordering was big this year. Here are some of the foods everyone was ordering in for their celebrations.

New Year’s Eve: Orders of alcohol were 164 percent higher than usual.

New Year’s Day: On New Year’s Day, Tylenol, Advil and Pedialyte were popular items.

Super Bowl Sunday: Buffalo Wild Wings saw triple the usual number of orders during the big game.

April 20: Also known as 4/20, people ordered an unprecedented amount of snack foods (OK, munchies) on 4/20, including french fries, milkshakes, mozzarella sticks and chicken nuggets.

Fourth of July: People were gobbling down hot dogs from Shake Shack, devouring Ben & Jerry’s and ordering bags of ice (gotta keep those drinks cold!).

Other random facts?

The most popular food in Los Angeles was the Chinese chicken salad from Joan’s on Third (which retails for $14.95), while the most popular item ordered in New York City was cottage fried potatoes from J.G. Melon (which go for a more modest $6.25).

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Russian food was weirdly popular nationwide this year, especially in May and November, mysteriously tying into major political events (Donald Trump hiring Bill Clinton’s former impeachment lawyer and election month, respectively).

We’re just wondering what 2019 will bring. Will people finally get their acts together and remember to order Fourth of July barbecue supplies on time this year? Will Russian food get even more popular? Will the economy completely crash so we don’t have money for takeout anymore? Only time will tell, but until then, we’re definitely ordering out for dinner.

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