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Whole Foods’ 12 Days of Cheese Is Truly a Christmas Miracle

Set your $5.99 block of white cheddar to the side, because your night cheese sessions are about to get a whole lot fancier thanks to Whole Foods.

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Whole Foods knows exactly what we all want this Christmas — cheese, cheese and more cheese, thank you very much — and they’re giving us just that. For 12 straight days, the grocer is highlighting a different high-quality artisan cheese from Dec. 12 through Dec. 23.

Each of Whole Foods’ selected cheeses — from Gouda and Gruyère to Beaufort and goat cheese — will be majorly discounted at 50 percent off for one day only during their 12 Days of Cheese in-store event.

And if you’re an Amazon Prime member? You get an additional 10 percent off! That’s 60 percent off, people.

“We’ve curated a diverse and innovative selection, including several world champion cheeses and a few exclusive cheeses you can only get at your local Whole Foods Market,” said Whole Foods Market’s global executive coordinator of specialty and product innovation and development, Cathy Strange, in a press release. “The 12 Days of Cheese is truly a celebration of our favorite cheeses and they will each be available at an incredible value for one day only!”

Grab a pen and paper or pull up your Google Cal because here’s where the note-taking comes in.

The 12 Days of Cheese featured cheeses include the following:

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Image: Whole Foods.
  • Dec. 12: Klare Melk truffle Gouda, a rich, flavorful raw milk Gouda laced with truffles
  • Dec. 13: Esquirrou Petit Ossau-Iraty, a French cheese with nutty notes
  • Dec. 14: Kaltbach cave-aged Gruyère, a robust, flavorful Swiss cheese with tangy fruit and nutty notes
  • Dec. 15: Vermont Creamery Bijou, a geotrichum-rind cheese with citrus flavors
  • Dec. 16: Mons Camembert, a smooth, salty, earthy cheese from France
  • Dec. 17: Neal’s Yard Dairy Keen’s Cheddar, a farmhouse Cheddar from the U.K.
  • Dec. 18: Cypress Grove Humboldt Fog, an American goat cheese
  • Dec. 19: Uplands Cheese Pleasant Ridge Reserve, a sweet raw-milk cheese modeled on Beaufortis, a classic French cheese
  • Dec. 20: Saxon Creamery Hika Bay, a Wisconsin cheese named one of the top 16 cheeses in the world
  • Dec. 21: Rogue Creamery Organic Enraptured Blue, a blue cheese soaked in a blend of biodynamic merlot, Syrah and zinfandel from the Frey Vineyards
  • Dec. 22: Mitica Drunken Goat, a creamy goat cheese soaked for three days in monastrell wine
  • Dec. 23: Cellars at Jasper Hill Kombucha Willoughby, a flavorful Willoughby cheese with notes of jasmine and lavender washed with organic Dr. Kombucha Love

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Believe us when we say these discounted cheeses are worth every penny. They were carefully selected by both Whole Foods Market’s global experts and their certified cheese professionals, after all.

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