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Jell-O Launches Edible Slime, & Your Kids Will Be Obsessed With It

Sorry, Mom, but yes, you can play with your food.

Jell-O’s latest brainchild is a slime that’s 100 percent edible. (You read that correctly: slime you can eat.) And they’re launching the product very soon, on Dec. 1.

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In a press release, Jell-O recently announced it has created two types of slime, unicorn and monster. Unicorn is a vibrant pink slime that’s, as one would guess, strawberry-flavored. Monster, on the other hand, is a green, lime-flavored slime.

Jell-O Slime


“Slime has become a social media phenomenon,” Kraft says in the press release. “While do-it-yourself edible slime recipes are popular on Pinterest and YouTube, until today, there hasn’t been an edible slime available from a national brand.”

The Jell-O slime is to make too. Simply add water to the mix, then play with it and eat it. And don’t worry. The slime is made with food starch, sugar and gelatin.

Jell-O has a few tips to keep in mind before you go crazy with it: “The slime stretches if you pull it slowly, but snaps if you pull it apart fast. It’s firm if you squeeze it, but it can also pour and drip like a liquid!”

Cool GIF


But our favorite part of the product description is that it’s “GREAT FOR PARTIES” — in all caps.

Yelling GIF


Both flavors are priced at $9.99 a pack, and if you’re just jonesing to get your hands on them, you can preorder the Jell-O product on Amazon .

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Not only is this product great for kids and their “PARTIES,” but adults are also sure to love it. An autonomous sensory meridian response expert, Craig Richard, told Wired earlier this year that adults are “hardwired to be entranced by hand movements. We evolved to learn fine motor skills by watching what someone else is doing with their hands, because the benefit of that is you just might learn something.”

According to Vox, a representative from Kraft Foods said the idea first came up at Kraft in May of this year. “By innovating an edible slime, JELL-O PLAY not only offers something unique in market, but also delivers a creative bonding experience that the whole family can enjoy.”

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