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Homemade popsicle recipes: How to make ice pops at home

A favorite summer treat? Popsicles! The frozen ice on a stick that we all remember from our childhoods. Here are a few easy recipes to help you make them at home for less!

An accidential treat

The story goes that when Frank Epperson was 11 years old he created the ice treat by accident and waited 18 years before producing the first “Eppsicles” in 1923. Later the name was changed to the
more catchy “Popsicle.”

The first of these frozen ice treats were sold for a nickel — hard to believe when you look at the prices charged today! But it won’t cost you much more than that to make your own at home. Here’s

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A Basic “Popsicle” Recipe


3 ounce package gelatin (Jell-O or store brand), any flavor

1 packet unsweetened, flavored drink mix (Kool-Aid)

1 cup granulated sugar

1 cup boiling water


Combine all in a 2 quart plastic pitcher. Stir until all is dissolved. Add enough cold water to make 2 quarts. Pour into small paper drinking cups and freeze until it starts thickening then insert
a Popsicle stick and continue to freeze until hardened.

Watermelon pops:


4 cups watermelon, seeds removed, cubed

Paper cups

Popsicle sticks (available at craft stores)


Place the watermelon in blender and puree. Pour into the paper cups, insert sticks and freeze until hardened. (You can use small Dixie cups or paper cups that are a little larger.)

Strawberry pops:


2 cups fresh, or frozen strawberries

1 cup plain yogurt

1/2 cup granulated sugar


Puree the fruit in a blender. Pour into paper cups and freeze. Insert sticks when partially frozen and continue to freeze until they harden (overnight is good).

These popsicle recipes will help you make a frugal treat that the kids will love — whether they’re toddlers or teenagers!

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