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The One Food Meghan Markle Refused to Eat in Australia Is So Random

Meghan (née Markle) and Harry, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, have been traveling around Australia in recent weeks. While they were there, we learned some exciting news (the duchess is expecting her first child), but just as interesting is seeing what sorts of things the royals get up to on their official 16-day tour.

Food has been a big part of their travels. Somehow, the first night of her stay, Meghan was able to bake homemade banana bread so she could bring it to a farm the couple visited the next day.

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Well, now the duchess is getting attention for a food she didn’t want to try. We were expecting to hear that it was some sort of exotic meat or some other type of delicacy (maybe something funky and fermented?) that isn’t safe for a pregnant person to consume. But it turns out the one thing Meghan wouldn’t try on their trip was finger limes!

At a restaurant called Charcoal Lane, the couple was indulging in a touch, taste, smell experience that showcased indigenous Australian ingredients. When offered a finger lime, a small lime filled with little pearls of juicy, limey goodness, to try, Meghan declined.

“It was optional if they wanted to taste it. Harry did but Meghan didn’t. She was smelling it, but that’s understandable because she’s pregnant and being cautious,” apprentice chef Brooke Warr told

We guess that makes sense, but it is still surprising to find out the one item she dug her heels in about is so benign.

In the meantime, husband Harry refused to taste the hot pepper leaf, fearing it would be too spicy.

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After a long flight, 16 days of travel, countless meetings and events and small talk and now the early stages of pregnancy, we’re honestly just impressed Meghan didn’t turn down more foods on her journey. Props to her for flawlessly repping her new home country while traveling the world, and if she has to turn down a finger lime or two along the way, who can really blame her?

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