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Oreo’s New Most Stuf Cookie Is a Dream Come True

How do you eat your Oreo? Do you twist it apart or dunk it in milk? Do you take a small little nibble or inhale it in one big bite, or do you crush it up? Do you sprinkle it on ice cream and/or incorporate it into another dessert? Truth be told, it doesn’t matter. That is the beauty of the Oreo. But regardless of how you consume your cookie, we all eat them for the same reason: their chocolaty exterior and creamy interior. And if you’re a fan of the latter, we’ve got good news for you: Oreo just announced their new Most Stuf cookie.

Yes, that’s right; Oreo is releasing a cookie with more cream.

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Rumors of the new product began circulating earlier this month when Instagram food blogger TheJunkFoodAisle posted a photo the Oreos on social media.

The image was labeled with the words “The MOST STUF Oreo Coming Soon! *actual product photo.”

However, the new cookie was not confirmed until Monday, when Nabisco told People the Oreos would be on store shelves in early 2019.

It’s unclear how much more cream the Most Stuf Oreo will include, but if the picture is accurate, it appears consumers will be ingesting nearly three times as much cream… per cookie.


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And while the Most Stuf Oreo will not be available until next year, we cannot wait to get our hands on this oh-so-decadent dessert. Hopefully, they will still be small enough to fit inside a milk glass. You know, for those of us that prefer to dunk the entire cookie in milk. 

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