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We Love These New October Aldi Finds, & You Will Too

What’s not to love about Aldi? 

The no-frills German discount grocery chain prides itself on fresh produce, unique sweet treats and, most important, affordable groceries. You can find virtually anything you need and ever wanted at Aldi. 

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But what we love most about the grocery chain is that they make it incredibly easy for their customers to find new items. 

Every Wednesday, Aldi posts its list of Aldi Finds. These Aldi Finds are new products brought into rotation for a limited time, and they include everything from kitchenwares and women’s apparel to frozen desserts.

This week, the best Aldi Finds include an Ambiano Classic stand mixer for only $59.99 and a 12-cup programmable coffee maker for only $19.99, and we even spotted chic ladies booties for a whopping $14.99. (We may or may not have already purchased the latter.)

The Aldi Finds for the week of Oct. 24 are even better, believe it or not. Here are five we’re most excited about.

Crofton cast-iron 6-quart Dutch oven

Aldi Crofton Cast Iron 6-Quart Dutch Oven

This beauty comes in gray or red; has a porcelain enamel interior and exterior; has integrated cast handles; is safe for glass ceramic, gas and electric stovetops and even comes with recipes. Quadruple score. 

Crofton cast-iron 6-quart Dutch oven, $29.99 at Aldi

Belmont chocolate truffle or raspberry-white chocolate cheesecake

Aldi Belmont Chocolate Truffle or Raspberry White Chocolate Cheesecake

At a price this low ($5.99 each), you might as well try both flavors.

Belmont chocolate truffle or raspberry-white chocolate cheesecake, $5.99 at Aldi

Crofton cast-iron 5-quart braiser

Aldi Crofton Cast Iron 5-Quart Braiser

Like the Dutch oven, you can take your pick between gray and red. It also has all the same features as the Dutch oven, including recipes. 

Crofton cast-iron 5-quart braiser, $29.99 at Aldi

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Crofton 12-quart porcelain enamel stockpot

Aldi Crofton 12-Quart Porcelain Enamel Stockpot

This blue-speckled beauty is heat resistant up to 500 degrees F. And if you don’t like blue, get it in red instead.

Crofton 12-quart porcelain enamel stockpot, $19.99 at Aldi

Belmont Cobblecakes in blackberry or peach 

Aldi Belmont Blackberry or Peach Cobblecakes

Do you sense a theme here? Kitchenwares and sweets, all the way — and we can’t wait to get our paws on both of these Cobblecakes. 

Belmont Cobblecakes in blackberry or peach, $5.99 at Aldi

Take a look at all the Aldi Finds for the week of Oct. 24 here, and here’s the full list of Aldi Finds for the week of Oct. 27.

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