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Ben & Jerry’s Launches 4 New Moo-phoria Flavors — & We Can’t Wait to Scoop Them Up

Ben & Jerry’s may be best known for their indulgent ice cream flavors — flavors like Phish Food, Cherry Garcia and Americone Dream — but earlier this year, the Vermont-based company launched Moo-phoria, a “light” line that has fewer calories and less fat. Of course, many were thrilled by the Halo Top-like product, especially those looking for a solid low-calorie snack, but the line was limited in size. At launch, Moo-phoria contained just three flavors. But all that is about to change.

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The ice cream purveyors just announced four new Moo-phoria flavors, and they are on sale now.

The new flavors are inspired by classic Ben & Jerry’s favorites and include Mocha Fudge Brownie, P.B. Marshmallow Swirl, Chocolate Cookie EnlightenMint and Cherry Garcia with a Twist. And while the Moo-phoria products are lighter, they still use the high-quality ingredients Ben & Jerry’s is known for, like organically sourced milk and cream.

They also contain no sugar substitutes or sugar alcohols.

That said, online reviewer Junk Banter noted the Moo-phoria flavors are not as creamy as their full-fat counterparts — “there’s less cream in it after all” — however, with 140 to 160 calories, this ice cream feels like a reasonable (and nearly guilt-free) indulgence.

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Each pint retails for approximately $4.89, and the new flavors will join old Moo-phoria favorites P.B. Dough, Chocolate Milk & Cookies and Caramel Cookie Fix in stores and online on Oct. 18.

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