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This State Officially Consumes More Pumpkin Spice Lattes Than Anywhere Else

Everyone knows that fall is pumpkin season. From foods and beverages to candles, candies and gum, the orange gourd is everywhere. And the most popular pumpkin spice product has to be the Starbucks’ pumpkin spice latte. I mean, the beverage — introduced in 2003 — has had a cult following for the last 15 years. But do you know where people consume the most PSLs? Well, brace yourself, because your guess may be way off.

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According to data from Square — a financial services company — Oregon is numero uno in pumpkin spice latte consumption, Money reports.

Square analyzed last year’s data to make their determination. Of course, they only compiled information from locations that used their credit card readers, which limits the scope of the study. However, other leading states included Wisconsin, Ohio, Iowa and North Dakota.

In fact, the latter drank the most PSLs when adjusted to account for the state’s population.

As for which states consumed the least of the pumpkin-y beverage, according to the report, Vermont and Maine rounded out the list.

No one knows why there is such a marked sales difference by state, especially since most of these locations are all cold-weather climates (where one would assume a warm, spicy beverage would do well). However, price could certainly be a factor, as the report noted PSL costs vary widely.

According to Square, pumpkin spice lattes are cheapest in South Dakota, where the average PSL is $3.56, and most expensive in Tennessee, where the beverage costs about $5.

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That said, regardless of where you live, Starbucks’ pumpkin spice lattes remain one of the most popular products for the coffee chain and pumpkin lovers across the globe.

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