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Starbucks Has a New Fall Drink, & the Maple-Pecan Latte Is Back, but With a Twist

Yes, yes, we know — fall is almost here and PSLs are life and blah, blah, blah. But Starbucks isn’t quite done releasing (and rereleasing!) fall-appropriate beverages for its die-hard ‘bucks fans.

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Making its return for its second year in a row is the crowd-favorite maple-pecan latte, but with a twist. This time around, you can grab the smooth, maple-and-pecan-flavored espresso drink iced. Plus, the iced latte, which comes dusted with an “autumn sugar topping” and is finished off with — wait for it — cold foam.

Maple Pecan Latte

Starbucks’ newest offering, on the other hand, has us foaming at the mouth — partly because we love anything chocolate-flavored and mostly because it’s a cold-brew drink.

nitro cold brew cocoa

The new cold-foam dark cocoa nitro is inspired by a dark chocolate stout and is topped with a bittersweet cocoa cold foam. 

We’re sold — we’ll take a trenta.

Last but not least, Starbucks has introduced its Passport Series, a line of whole-bean coffees perfect for those who would rather brew at home. 

Starbucks Passport Series

Available for a limited time, the first installment of the Passport Series includes coffee from Central America. They are: Guatemala Casi Cielo (a medium roast with lemon notes and a cocoa finish), Honduras Marcala (a caramel-and-chocolate-flavored dark roast) and Costa Rica Tarrazú (a blond roast, also with citrus notes). 

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By now, you’re probably punching in your order on the Starbucks app and halfway out the door, but wait! 

This Thursday, Starbucks is having a happy hour where customers can receive 50 percent off any handcrafted espresso beverage size grande or larger (including the maple-pecan latte!) starting at 3 p.m. local time.  

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