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McDonald’s Is Remaking Their Apple Pie Again, & People Are Not Happy

McDonald’s iconic apple pies hold a dear space in people’s hearts, so when they change the recipe? Uh, yeah, everyone collectively loses their minds.

The chain just announced they’ll be reworking the recipe for their famous dessert to make it… healthier. *Cue screams of horror*

Featuring less sugar and fewer ingredients overall, the new pie also has a lattice pastry top instead of a full crust.

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Tiffany Briggs, a spokesperson for McDonald’s, said in a press release, “Our new freshly baked Apple pie recipe is in line with other positive changes we have made,” pointing out that in the past few years, they’ve made changes such as removing artificial preservatives from Chicken McNuggets and switched to using real butter in their breakfast sandwiches.

The pie also now features sliced apples instead of diced, has cinnamon in the filling and uses real butter.

Nevertheless, a lot of people aren’t convinced the switch has been a positive one, nearly matching the fury of the public when McDonald’s switched to baked pies instead of fried.

Yet, for all the naysaying, there are some folks who are loving the new recipe.

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I guess we’ll just have to see for ourselves whether the new recipe is a success.

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