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Duff Goldman From Ace of Cakes Reveals Wedding Plans, & They’re So Sweet

Duff Goldman from Ace of Cakes is getting married, and the plans for his January 2019 wedding sound almost as sweet as some of the concoctions he whips up in the kitchen.

In an interview with People, Goldman spilled the beans on his upcoming wedding plans with his fiancée, Johnna Colbry, to whom he proposed back in April. 

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First of all, they’re having it at a dream location: The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles. Guests will walk in and be greeted by a petting zoo with ponies, sheep and goats. Apparently, the duo loves animals so much they’re even considering having a farm someday.

As for the food? It sounds totally amazing. Not surprising considering that Goldman himself is a chef. But it’s not the fuddy-duddy black-tie grub you might expect from a wedding in a museum. Instead, the couple is treating their guests to a meal made up of tacos, a baked potato bar and pizza. It’s like the ultimate sleepover party menu!

You might think Goldman would be in charge of dessert, but it turns out, he hopes Colbry will design it. At the wedding, it will become a centerpiece in the room, hung from the ceiling in all its glory.

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They’re not skimping on the honeymoon either — post-wedding, they’re going on a trip around the world. They’re focusing on mostly warm-weather locales, including Fiji, Tokyo, Singapore, Cambodia, New Zealand and other locations around the globe. After the trip, they hope to write a book together about their adventures.

It sounds like an amazing time, and as excited as we are for the couple, we’ve go to admit — what we’re really waiting for is pictures of that wedding cake! 

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