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The Internet Is Having a Field Day With Cynthia Nixon’s Bagel Order

Though it feels like a hundred years of hot takes ago, it was just yesterday that New York gubernatorial hopeful Cynthia Nixon whipped everyone into a frenzy when she placed a now-infamous order at legendary New York bagel spot Zabar’s. On her menu? Lox, capers, red onions, cream cheese and tomatoes… on a cinnamon-raisin bagel.

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Say what you will about politics, but the one things that’ll really get New Yorkers riled up is a discussion about bagels. Even before addressing the sweet, savory and cinnamon-spiced concoction, some people took issue with the choice of bagel itself. were the societal takes — what does the bagel order and coverage of it mean for us as humans?

Then, of course, there were the people who just couldn’t stomach the thought of smoked fish, sweet spiced raisins, raw onions and capers all on one sandwich.

The real question on a lot of people’s minds, however, was simpler. Is this a bagel combination that other people actually eat? Or did Nixon just pull this one out of thin air? Well, apparently she’s not the only one who counts a cinnamon raisin and lox sandwich as her regular order (though it’s definitely rare), and while it sounds strange initially, at least a handful of people went out to try it for themselves today.

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It reminds me of when Joey ate Rachel’s trifle/shepherd’s pie at Thanksgiving on Friends. What’s not to like? Cinnamon-raisin bagel with cream cheese, good. Lox and cream cheese, good. Lox and bagels, good! That being said, some people were a little embarrassed about getting swept up in the bagel craze. 

Lesson? There are worse things a political candidate could do than try out an unusual bagel combination.

Just never, never ask for your bagel to be scooped or you might literally be asked to leave the city of New York.

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