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Ina Garten Has a Sweet Corn Hack You Need to See

Your girl Ina Garten is back with a cool new hack. This time, it involves corn and a kitchen towel.

Ina Garten GIF

Food Network’s Garten tweeted a video of herself looking genuinely enthused to show us just how to cut corn kernels off the cob without getting it all over your kitchen and kitchen counters. And it works! Well, kind of.

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It’s simple, really: Place a clean towel down on your counter, grab an extra-sharp knife, and cut the kernels straight off the cob over the towel, which should collect all the kernels. Then, pour them from the towel right into a bowl. Bada-bing, bada-boom.

But the best part? Garten still manages to get kernels on the counter! 

Ina Garten corn hack

We still love you, Ina.

Commenters were quick to share their own tips, and we have to say, using a large bowl is also a fantastic option. 

Or, you can use a Bundt pan. 

And as Renee suggests, use a tub pan for creamed corn.

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You might notice Garten uses the hashtag #CookLikeAPro, and for good reason: It’s clearly tied to her forthcoming cookbook, Cook Like a Pro. Not only will she have plenty of new recipes for you to try when the cookbook releases on Oct. 23 , but she’s also arming you with the know-how and hacks to cook like one too. Isn’t she the best? 

In the midst of promoting said cookbook, Garten is also hard at work helping to fight childhood hunger. She recently teamed up with Williams-Sonoma, designing an exclusive spatula. Proceeds from spatulas sold will go straight to No Kid Hungry.

All hail the cooking queen.

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