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ICYMI: Aldi Sells Knockoff Girl Scout Cookies Year-Round

Anyone else still wish their local Girl Scouts troop was still camped outside your grocery store? Us too. But thanks to Aldi, we don’t have to wait until next year to get our hands on another box (or two) of Samoas. The German grocer apparently sells knockoffs that are just as addicting.

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The brand is Benton’s, and nestled in the cookies aisle of Aldi, there are three flavors to choose from that closely resemble your favorite Girl Scout cookies: fudge mint (Thin Mints), caramel-coconut fudge (Samoas) and peanut butter-filled (Tagalongs).

Apparently, these cookies have been here quite some time. Aldi Reviewer posted a review about these indulgent treats back in 2016, even describing the fudge mint cookies as better than the name-brand Keebler Grasshopper cookies. 

“If cookie-selling season is over and you need a Girl Scout cookie fix,” the reviewer writes, “Aldi’s Benton’s cookies will satisfy your sweet tooth.”

According to Delish, the boxes cost between $1.30 and $1.45, which costs far less than a box from the Girl Scouts. The best part is Aldi sells these cookies year-round. Now, this is a great option when you need your fix, but obviously, if you can buy through the troop, do it! As we all know, proceeds head straight to their leadership programs. 

“When you buy Girl Scout Cookies you are not only helping girls become business trailblazers, you’re also helping them power their Girl Scout adventures and ensuring they have access to the cutting-edge leadership experiences and opportunities that only Girl Scouts can offer,” Girl Scouts USA CEO Sylvia Acevedo said in a press release.

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As far as what we can expect from the Girl Scout’s next year, they’ve announced they will sell a new gluten-free cookie: salted caramel chocolate chip. In the meantime, though, spot us at Aldi grabbing all three flavors.

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