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A Car Seat Photo Lands Chip Gaines in Hot Water, but Not for the Reason You Think

Being the parent to a newborn is no joke, and Chip Gaines knows that firsthand. He and Joanna Gaines, his business partner and wife, now have five kids, including little Crew, who is just about 7 weeks old.

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So when he posted a silly picture on his Instagram about car seats, it was bound to get a reaction. But it wasn’t for the reason you might think!

In the picture, you can see that Gaines has placed the baby’s car seat on the stovetop, which clearly isn’t a great idea (though luckily, Crew is snuggled up safely somewhere else).

But what people really took issue with was the tray of cornbread sitting next to the seat.

Some people mistook it for plain old cake, wondering why it was completely devoid of frosting, and one person even thought it was a casserole. Still others couldn’t help but hone in on the strange way the cornbread was cut, through the middle instead of along the edge.

“What car seat? I can’t get past the cake with no frosting AND it was cut in the middle! BLASPHEMY!” one commenter wrote. 

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Our theory? The Gaines household is full of kids, and kids are notoriously picky about things like corner pieces and crusts. Chances are there were more than a few hungry mouths in the house that wanted an edge-free piece of cornbread, so cut through the middle they did.

The car seat on the stovetop might not be the greatest parenting example, but baked good distribution flexibility? That’s what being a dad is all about.

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