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6 Offbeat Ideas for Your Next Snack Craving

Snacks are not only a tasty way to keep your energy level stable throughout the day, but some research indicates that snacking consistently throughout the day (as opposed to indulging in three large meals) may even speed up your metabolism. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up some of our best offbeat ideas to satisfy your next snack craving below.

Healthy snacks


dried fruit best natural candy alternatives banana coconut bites

When hunger hits during the day, it’s important to have snacks ready. However, all too often the first thing we reach for is a bag of candy or chocolate. These treats are full of artificial additives and are packed full of sugar. It’s important to know that there are plenty of natural alternatives that still taste delicious and will satisfy your sweet tooth.

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Vegetarian snacks


Rhythm Kale Chips

Party snacks are a dime a dozen, but vegetarian party snacks take a little more finesse to find. We have done our due diligence and found some unique and tasty snack ideas for your next party that are sure to please vegetarians and nonvegetarians alike.

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Post-workout snacks

RXBAR Whole Food Protein Bar

When you exercise, you tear down muscle tissue and burn fat. To get the most from your time at the gym, you have to feed your body the nutrition it needs to rebuild a better you. Start by picking up a couple of these post-workout snacks.

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International snacks


Coffee Crisp canadian snacks

While it should be your goal, you simply can’t eat healthy and preservative-free food all the time. Arm yourself with some unique junk food snacks that are exclusive to countries outside the U.S. to make sure you’re prepared the next time a snack attack strikes. You can buy these international snacks on Amazon, but you won’t be able to find them at your local supermarket or convenience shop, so we suggest buying these goodies in bulk.

Nestlé Coffee Crisp, available at Amazon 


Tito's American Mule Bears

While it may not be the healthiest of snack options, candy is a delicious treat worthy of an occasional indulgence every now and again. Ditch the standard supermarket options, and opt for one of these exotic — and boozy — treats instead.

Tito’s American Mule Bears, available at Sugarfina

Gourmet snacks


Whether you get a nice, unexpected visit from your friends or simply forgot to buy hors d’oeuvres for your weekly bunko group, Amazon has made it easy to have delicious, presentable snacks on hand for any occasion. Here are our favorite gourmet snacks to stock up on.

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