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Starbucks Announces 2 New Beverages & They’re Unlike Anything Else on the Menu

Good news, coffee fans: Starbucks, America’s favorite purveyor of all things hot, cold and caffeinated, has announced two new beverages — the almond protein-blended cold brew and the cacao protein-blended cold brew — and both drinks are available in stores now.

But what is a “protein-blended cold brew” you ask?

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Well, in short, it is a frappélike beverage that mixes Starbucks’ infamous cold-brew coffee with a plant-based protein powder.


That said, while the two new drinks share a few main ingredients, the almond variety does differ from the cacao variety in a few ways: the former uses banana-date sweetener, almond butter and almond milk, while the latter contains banana-date sweetener, coconut milk and cacao powder. However, according to Starbucks, both drinks can be customized to suit your tastes and needs — and yes, you can “pump up the protein.”

But wait, it gets better: a Starbucks representative told Refinery29 that the new protein-blended cold brews are vegan. “Every ingredient that goes into the Protein Blended Cold Brews has been certified vegan.” However, since the drinks will be prepared alongside other non-vegan offerings, customers should be aware that cross-contamination is possible.

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The only bad news (if there is bad news) is that for now, these drinks are only available in the grande size. However, even at just 16 ounces their “stats” are impressive: Each beverage contains anywhere from 10 to 12 grams of protein and 180 milligrams of caffeine, making them the perfect morning pick-me-up or midday post-workout meal. So be sure to get yours soon, as supplies are limited and the protein blended beverages will only be available through the fall.

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