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Aldi Plans to Add 700 More Grocery Stores Nationwide & Increase Its Fresh Food Items

Ladies and gents, welcome to the ring: Aldi — the no-frills German discount grocery chain is stepping up its game to rival all you health-conscious grocery stores out there. (We’re looking at you, Whole Foods.)

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Aldi has announced its undergoing a total overhaul to its stores, aiming to deliver even more fresh, healthy and must-have products. According to their press release, Aldi is increasing its fresh food selection by 40 percent with brand-spankin’-new items.

“The continued success of our store expansion and remodel initiatives has given us the opportunity to carefully select and introduce new products that satisfy our customers’ increasing preferences for fresh items, including organic meats, salad bowls, sliced fruits and gourmet cheeses,” Jason Hart, CEO of Aldi U.S., said in the release. “We know people lead busy lives, so we’re making it even easier for them to purchase everything on their shopping list at ALDI, while still saving money.” 

What exactly can you expect as part of Aldi’s expansion? They’ve broken it down into three categories: fresh and healthy items, convenient items and must-have items. 

  • Fresh items include more ready-to-cook and organic fresh meats, an expanded produce selection (including veggie noodles!) and even more vegan and vegetarian options as part of its Earth Grown line (so if you haven’t tried kale and quinoa crunch burgers, you’ll soon have your chance). 
  • Convenient items include grab-and-go and single-serve food and drinks (from kombucha to veggie snack packs) and more easy-to-prepare meal starters, including quinoa bowls and vegetarian options. 
  • As far as must-have items are concerned, you’ll find more baked goods and milk alternatives, like organic almond milk and lactose-free and soy milk.

“They are great examples of Aldi Finds products that were so popular they became part of our everyday selection,” a PR representative told Food & Wine.

The store has already started to roll out these products and will continue to do so through early 2019.

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In addition to new food items, Aldi is investing more than $5 billion to not only expand its store count to 2,500 by the end of 2022 (that’s an increase of 700 stores, as Aldi currently has more than 1,800 stores across the U.S.), but it’s also planning to remodel all of its grocery stores. As part of its remodeling investment, the stores will include additional refrigeration space to hold its increased offering of fresh, healthy products.

Looks like we’ll be spending a lot more time in Aldi’s fresh food aisles.

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