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Here’s How to Get Free McDonald’s for the Rest of Your Life — Seriously

Rob Lowe has one. Bill Gates has one. Hell, even Warren Buffett has one. And you could too: the elusive McGold Card.

That’s right; it’s very real, and McDonald’s is giving one away.

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What’s so special about this card, you ask? It grants you free McDonald’s for life. Did you read that? For life, people! Even if you aren’t the biggest McDonald’s fan, it’s food that is free for the entire rest of your life.

McDonald's McGold Card

Entering the McDonald’s contest is incredibly easy too. Starting today and continuing through Aug. 24, all you need to do is place an order on the McDonald’s app, and you’re automatically entered to win. Seriously, that’s it — no minimum purchase requirement, nothing. To increase your chance of winning, you can order McDonald’s once a day every day until the contest ends, (hello, dollar menu!)., according to the tiny-text rules on the McGold Card website, you can enter the contest without purchasing one single item off the menu. Simply send an email to with that day’s date (in the mm/dd/yy format) in the subject line and your first/last name in the body of the email. You can send one email per day.

This is the first time McDonald’s has ever randomly given away its McGold Card, which dates all the way back to 1965, and apparently it has an approximate retail value of $52,350. (Um, if we win, can we just cash this card out?)

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The winner will be announced on or around Aug. 29. In addition to receiving two meals per week for 50 years (which will be awarded as credit on the app and in cash), the McGold winner will also receive a 24-karat gold-plated phone case etched with their name.

McDonald’s is not messing around with this contest, you guys.

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