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7-Eleven’s Slurpee Day Includes Snacks This Year

Every year on July 11 (7/11, get it?) 7-Eleven has a celebration during which free Slurpees are given out to anyone who desires a frozen treat. So, like, all of us, right?

This year, between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. on July 11, they’re doling out free small Slurpees and featuring their new Cap’n Crunch Berries Slurpee (though if the thought of that makes you want to vom, you can get any of their other flavors for free too).

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They’ll also be selling Big Bite hot dogs for just $1 on both July 11 and July 18 (National Hot Dog Day). There’s nothing better than washing down a salty convenience store hot dog with a frozen sip of sugary Slurpee! It’s like a nearly free wine and cheese pairing for those of us who will always be 15 at heart.

To extend the celebration, this year 7-Eleven will also be offering a week of discounts in honor of their 91st anniversary. They’re calling it “7 Deals in 7 Days.” Those who download the 7-Eleven app and become a 7Rewards member can buy one snack and get another free deal, including things like a free Big Gulp when you buy a Snickers, free popcorn with your Smartwater and free Coke with your Cheez-Its. The deals maximize your snacking pleasure, giving you something craveable to munch on and a drink to wash it down with all in one go.

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Slurpee Day is coming at the perfect time this year, as most of the country has experienced at least one intense heat wave so far this summer, and there’s more super-hot weather in sight. When the temps creep into the 90s, water just won’t cut it — you need the icy brain-freezing goodness of a Slurpee to truly cool down.

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