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Starbucks Announces Plant-Based Drink Options With New Coffee Smoothies

Dairy will always have a place in our world, but many of us are looking for more plant-based options wherever possible, and dairy-free and vegan spins on our favorite foods, from whipped cream to ice cream, are everywhere this season.

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In fact, the demand for plant-based products grew over 8 percent last year according to 2017 Nielsen research, and to give customers what they’re looking for, Starbucks is expanding their dairy-free options by offering almond milk and other dairy-free options in-store. And now, they’ve launched a ready-to-drink beverage with almond milk. Today, Starbucks is launching the new Doubleshot Coffee Smoothies with almond milk.

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These are the first plant-based coffee smoothies on the market and are available in both dark chocolate-banana and vanilla-honey-banana. These new drinks are available in grocery stores nationwide right now for $2.75. We can’t wait to try both flavors and imagine they’ll probably go down really well with those vegan macadamia oat cookies, which are already available at Starbucks.

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson said consumer interest in drinks like Frappuccinos are not what they once were, and they are aiming to launch more plant-based cold-brew protein drinks this summer along with lower-sugar and lower-calorie drink items. This seems to be the first step in things to come, and we’re here for it. We’d love to still have our daily Starbucks break and also get to feel a bit healthier about it at the same time.

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