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This Grocery Store Is America’s Favorite… Again

If you had to bet money on which grocery store was America’s favorite, you’d guess Trader Joe’s, right? Well, you’d be wrong. It’s not even the trendy, healthy version of Trader Joe’s — Whole Foods. 

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Market Force Information just completed their annual survey and found, for the third year in a row, that Wegmans is America’s favorite grocery store. Sorry, Publix lovers. 

In the survey, Wegmans scored 77 percent of the vote as the favorite on Market Force’s Composite Loyalty Index. Next up was Publix, which tied Wegmans in 2017 and this year, came in a close second with a score of 76 percent followed by Trader Joe’s with 75 percent. Aldi and H-E-B were next, scoring 70 percent and 69 percent respectively. Safeway and Walmart ranked lowest in the study, earning scores of 42 percent and 34 percent.

More than 12,700 consumers were asked to rate their favorite U.S. grocery chains considering aspects like best value, fastest service and cleanliness in an annual survey, with the scoring system based on customers’ satisfaction as well as how likely they were to recommend the store to others.

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Wegmans beat out Trader Joe’s in 2016 as the favorite store and has scored the top spot on the survey for the past three years. The New York-based chain operates 96 locations across the Mid-Atlantic, and we hope — now that we know it is the best — that it will expand to the rest of the country soon enough.

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