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KFC May Be Adding Vegetarian Fried ‘Chicken’ Soon

Will KFC go vegetarian? All indicators show that it is indeed in the works (but don’t worry; the chicken will still be there too).

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KFC’s vegetarian spin on fried chicken is in the planning stages in the United Kingdom, where they are working to create a meatless version of their famous fried chicken.

“Development of the [vegetarian fried chicken] recipe is still in its very early stages … and so the options we’re exploring in our kitchen are still top secret,” a KFC rep recently told FoodBeast.

The new vegetarian fried chicken is expected to enter the menu in the U.K. in 2019, and we can only hope it does so well there it’ll be available here soon as well. I mean, can you imagine how much easier road trips will now be for vegetarians?

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Europe has often led the way with fast-food chains offering vegetarian and vegan items — such as the vegan burger at McDonald’s, which hit Sweden and Finland first. A meatless version of fried chicken that still contains that special blend of herbs and spices? That could be delicious and also open up KFC to a wider audience. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the U.S. will jump on this new plant-based trend.

We still don’t know what the fried “chicken” will be made of, but it will most likely be some sort of soy product that is coated and fried the same way KFC’s real chicken is prepared. As for how it tastes, only time will tell, but we’re so ready to give this a try.

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