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All the Delicious Ways to Elevate Your Scrambled Eggs


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For a dish so simple, there are a lot of ways you can cook scrambled eggs. At their most basic, you can just whisk your eggs and cook them in a pan until set. But there are a lot of small ways to upgrade your eggs so you can feel like you’re dining at a fancy brunch place instead of scarfing down breakfast over the sink. Take a look at these easy tips, and the next time you have scrambled eggs you’ll feel like you’re living in true luxury.

1. Cook them in butter

Scrambled eggs are a relatively simple dish, so you want to add some flavor whenever you can. That’s why most chefs stick to cooking their eggs in butter rather than oil. The butter adds a rich dairy flavor to your eggs without overpowering them.

2. Use a nonstick pan

For truly perfect scrambled eggs, you want to cook them in a nonstick pan. Anything else will likely leave you with flaky, crispy eggs bits throughout your scramble. A nonstick pan helps the eggs glide over the surface while they cook, helping you keep things nice and creamy.

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3. Use great eggs

Again, since your dish of scrambled eggs likely contains only a few ingredients, you want to get the best eggs possible. Free-range, organic local eggs are your best bet (Jamie Oliver agrees!).

4. Use duck eggs

If you like your eggs really rich, consider adding a duck egg to the mix. Because duck egg whites have more protein than chicken, they can be tough when scrambled on their own, but scramble one duck egg with two chicken eggs and you’ll get the tender texture you desire with the added richness of the duck egg’s yolk.

5. Add caviar

Caviar and soft-scrambled eggs are a classic pairing. Cook your eggs so they’re super-creamy and then top with caviar. Each bite will be comprised of luxuriously smooth eggs punctuated with bursts of briny, salty richness thanks to the caviar.

6. Add truffles

Truffles make everything taste better, so of course they work well with scrambled eggs. If you can shave real truffles into your scrambled eggs, all the better, but you can also use truffle salt, truffle butter or truffle cheese to add the rich, earthy flavor to your eggs. Just avoid truffle oil, which is made with artificial flavoring.

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7. Cook them slowly

When you add eggs to a hot pan, they immediately seize up. Instead, add your eggs to a cold pan, raise the heat up to medium-low, then cook low and slow to get the ultimate creamy texture.

8. Add heavy cream

Chrissy Teigen has a trick for making your eggs taste decadent without having to spring for fancy ingredients. Add heavy cream to your whisked eggs, and then cook them gently over low heat. You’ll wind up with rich and creamy scrambled eggs that taste almost cheesy.

9. Serve on a warm plate

Scrambled eggs do not retain heat well, so Alton Brown has a small suggestion that makes a big difference. Serve them on a warmed plate. That way, the coolness of your plate won’t immediate turn your eggs to icicles. You’ll be able to enjoy their warm, creamy texture the whole time you’re eating.

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