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Starbucks Has Prosecco Lollipops Now — Just in Time for Summer

Do you love prosecco? Us too, especially when the sparkling white wine is mixed with fruits and other flavors. You’re not alone if you ever wished it were more convenient to sip on the refreshing drink midday during the summer. And now you’re in luck: Starbucks has started stocking (admittedly booze-free) prosecco lollipops:

Starbucks is known for regularly changing up their menu, from a Crystal Ball frappe to a color-changing cold brew. The new prosecco pops are already in store and have a tie-dye look to them. Delish got intel from a Starbucks spokesperson, who said that the Italian sunsets inspired the colorful orangey pink, yellow and red lollis, so it’s kind of like taking your vacation with you.

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The prosecco pops are seasonal and will only be on the menu through the summer, so take advantage of the sweet pick-me-up while you can. The beloved coffee café also added two new Frappuccinos, the Ultra Caramel and a triple mocha, which will be sticking around more permanently. Both frappes start with sweet cold-brew whipped cream, which has 15 milligrams of caffeine already packed in, on the bottom of the cup — and they haven’t even added the frappe yet. Fans of previous iterations of caramel Frappuccino and mocha will notice the new flavors are similar, just a little richer.

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Still not enough of Starbucks’ special menus? You can also try out their new vegan macadamia oat cookie, part of the permanent menu, or a salted, potato chip-crusted brownie, which will stick around until June 4.

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