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Chrissy Teigen Is Partnering With Blue Apron to Share Her Favorite Recipes

If there are two things everyone can agree on, it’s that Chrissy Teigen is everyone’s favorite celebrity and delicious food being delivered right to your door is the best way to end a day. Well, Chrissy Teigen and delicious food delivery are coming together in a miraculous new partnership.

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Teigen, known foodie and New York Times best-selling cookbook author, has given Blue Apron six of her very own recipes to be used in Blue Apron delivery boxes this summer.

“It’s no surprise to anyone that I love cooking at home. I’m constantly experimenting with new recipes and sharing both my hits, and my misses! I am excited to partner with Blue Apron to share some of my favorite recipes directly with my fans, followers, and home cooks, making it easy and convenient for them to cook with me in their home kitchens,” Teigen said in a press release.

Teigen worked with Blue Apron’s culinary team to adapt some of her favorite home-cooked meals featured in her first cookbook, Cravings, for Blue Apron’s menu. Here are the meals being offered if you decide to sign up for (or already receive) the meal delivery service:

  • Week of June 4, 2018: garlic and soy-glazed shrimp with charred broccoli and hot green pepper sauce
  • Week of June 11, 2018: sesame chicken noodles with bok choy
  • Week of June 18, 2018: Chinese chicken salad with crispy wontons
  • Week of June 25, 2018: chicken lettuce cups with sweet peppers, mushrooms, and jasmine rice
  • Week of July 2, 2018: chipotle-lime chicken fajitas with mushrooms, Monterey Jack and crema
  • Week of July 9, 2018: pork banh mi sandwiches with pickled cucumbers and carrots

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Why did Blue Apron decide to partner with Teigen? Christine Fu, head of partnerships at Blue Apron, explained, “[T]his partnership is a natural fit for Blue Apron, namely because we share Chrissy’s passion for addictive, incredible, and unforgettable recipes. We are so excited to bring Chrissy’s recipes to our menus this summer so that home cooks across the country can enjoy her original creations.”

I’m not a current Blue Apron member, but you’d better believe I will be signing up after hearing about this news.

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