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Dunkin’ Donuts Made a Galaxy Menu, & It’s Out of This World

There’s a lot to love about Dunkin’ Donuts, like when they give coffee away for free or add mouthwatering doughnut fries to their menu or create Girl Scout cookie-inspired coffees for our sipping pleasure.

In case you thought Dunkin’ Donuts couldn’t make you love it anymore, they’ve just released a new outer-space-themed menu that looks like an absolute blast. Astronomy nerds, rejoice! You can finally pair your space love with your favorite doughnut destination.

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The galaxy menu features a doughnut speckled with colorful popping candy and two new Cosmic Coolattas that look like a nod to aurora borealis or far-out nebulas.

Image: Dunkin’ Donuts

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It turns out space isn’t the only theme to these new treats — so is cotton candy. The new doughnut, called the Comet Candy Donut, is a classic yeast doughnut with white icing, but the festive candy sprinkles reportedly taste like cotton candy. The Cosmic Cotton Candy Coolatta is a brand new cotton candy-flavored slush topped with customer favorite blue raspberry.

Image: Dunkin’ Donuts

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If you’ve never wondered what cotton candy might look like in space, now you’re going to. We’ll just assume Dunkin’ has a spot-on interpretation.

The second new Coolatta, Cosmic Pineapple, features a brand-new pineapple flavor, and again, it is topped with blue raspberry flavoring.

And wait, wait. There’s more! The menu announcement also came with the welcome revelation that Dunkin’ is adding the smoked sausage breakfast sandwich back to their menu for a limited time starting now.

The best part is that all small Coolattas are only $2 through May 27. If these don’t sound like the perfect summer treats, nothing will.

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