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Ikea Is Having a Tea Experience You Don’t Want to Miss

When’s the last time you put aside your coffee and just enjoyed a cup of tea? Maybe it’s been a while. Maybe you’re looking for a new way to love your morning cuppa. Well, Ikea has you covered — they’re offering a special ongoing tea event this May, and it sounds like a blast.

The concept for the event is based around the idea of fika, a Swedish term for what we predicted would become a big trend back in December — and the easiest way to explain it is a short social break when you enjoy sweet treats and a warm drink that is totally separate from your work lunch break. It’s kind of like a coffee break, but it’s more about connecting with your friends and coworkers, and the feeling of it is hard to express in English.

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Ikea wants to let people experience the whole essence of fika firsthand, so they’ve added it to their lineup of family events. There’s only one catch: The event is taking place in Manchester, U.K. It’s also already completely booked.

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OK, OK, so most of us won’t be able to attend unless they expand it to a store near us, so I guess we’ll have to settle on filling ourselves on Ikea’s Swedish meatballs. Darn. We’ll just have to create a fika experience on our own. But in case you want to know what the Brits are getting, the afternoon tea menu includes:

  • Seaweed pearl and egg canapé (vegetarian)/prawn and egg canapé
  • Cheese open sandwich (vegetarian)/meatball open sandwich
  • Krustader with cheese and gherkin (vegetarian)/Krustader with herring
  • Daim cake (vegetarian)
  • Cinnamon bun (vegetarian)
  • Kafferprep pastries and biscuits
  • A lesson in fika and how it became a tradition in Sweden

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All that, and it’s only £5 (or about $7), and they’ll walk away with a free fika cookbook. *Sigh* Do you think Meghan Markle might be able to get us in?

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