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Yikes, This Romaine Lettuce Recall Is Getting Serious

If you have a penchant for enjoying romaine lettuce in your salad at lunch, you should be paying very close attention to the latest scary recall.

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After a recall last week for romaine lettuce in salad kits and some pre-chopped romaine lettuce, the CDC is now warning people to avoid all types of romaine lettuce that have come from Yuma, Arizona, due to an E. coli outbreak that, as of Friday, has spread to at least 16 states and left more than 60 people sick with E. coli, a dangerous form of food poisoning.

The CDC issued a statement today that they have now expanded the warning to include all romaine lettuce from Yuma, including whole heads and hearts of romaine sold nationwide. “Do not buy or eat romaine lettuce at a grocery store or restaurant unless you can confirm it is not from the Yuma, Arizona, growing region,” the CDC wrote on their website.

This expansion happened after inmates at a prison in Alaska got sick after eating salads made from whole heads of romaine grown in Yuma, Arizona.

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While several people have become very sick, there have been no deaths reported yet. Over 30 people have been hospitalized and five have developed life-threatening kidney complications.

Symptoms of E. coli include bad stomach cramps, diarrhea (sometimes bloody) and vomiting. Whether or not you have felt any of these symptoms, if you have store-bought romaine at home, including salads and salad mixes containing romaine, throw it away immediately. Also avoid eating any romaine from restaurants at this time as well.

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