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Prince William Reveals the One Fast-Food Chain He Loves

Despite having tons of cash, a palace kitchen and being a fan of cooking himself, it turns out Prince William can’t help but love a certain chain restaurant too. He recently revealed he’s a big fan of Nando’s, a beloved chain with restaurants all across the globe, including Great Britain.

Nando’s is a fast-casual dining spot with more than 1,000 stores between 30 countries — 280 of them in the U.K. alone. The Mozambique-Portuguese-inspired food chain originated in South Africa in 1987.

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According to People magazine, Prince William was at the Next Generation Impact Entrepreneurs Forum and told the founder of Nando’s, Robert Brozin, that he’d been introduced to the restaurant by one of his personal-protection officers.

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“This man here is your biggest fan, he’s introduced me to Nando’s,” the prince said of the protection officer. “It’s very good.”

The biggest draw of the restaurant is their Peri-Peri sauce, an African bird’s-eye chili-based concoction also used to marinate their famous chicken. The chain flame-grills their Peri-Peri-marinated chicken, which comes in spice levels of mild to extra hot. The restaurant also serves hummus, halloumi, wings, chicken burgers, salads and vegetarian burgers.

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Nando’s often gets mentioned in jokes by British comedians because the chain is delicious, so everyone wants to go, but it’s really too casual for a date. If you’ve never been to one, comedian Jack Whitehall gives a sense for the dining experience, describing the small flags that are stuck into your meal to indicate how spicy the dish is and how all the wine tastes the same, in this clip from 2012:

If you’d like to get your hands on some to try yourself, the company has U.S. locations in Illinois, Maryland, Washington, D.C. and Virginia. Or you can just book a ticket to the U.K. Maybe Prince William will give you a tour.

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