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Vegans Now Have a Burger Option at Shake Shack

Vegetarians, it’s time to celebrate. No, the vegetarian lifestyle didn’t get a vote of support from a celebrity, and yes, beef is still a leading cause of carbon emissions. But still… good news. Beloved food chain Shake Shack is debuting a new veggie burger this Friday, and it sounds freaking delicious.

In case Shake Shack isn’t on your current rotation, you should know they’ve had a vegetarian burger for a while now. Their current vegetarian option uses a deep-fried, cheese-stuffed mushroom as the patty. If that’s a stand-by favorite of yours, don’t fear. This option isn’t going away. Shake Shack is just adding a more artery-friendly option.

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The new patty, called The Veggie Shack, is crafted with black beans, brown rice and beets. Yep, no dairy, so vegans can get in on the goodness too — although the standard fixings (lettuce, onions, pickles, vegan mustard and mayo) also include provolone cheese, so you’ll need to opt out of that. As with their standard burgers, you can order The Veggie Shack on a potato bun, as a lettuce wrap or on a gluten-free bun.

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But before you grab your bag and head out the door, The Veggie Shack is being tested in select markets only — namely, a few locations in New York City (Astor Place, Midtown East, Upper East Side), Los Angeles (Glendale and WeHo) and in Austin at The Domain. Even if you’re in those locations, the veggie burger is app-exclusive, so you’ll need to download the Shack app to place your order.

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If you’re not interested in being an early tester, The Veggie Shack will officially be added to the menu on April 24. Just get on it early, as the Shack hasn’t released any info for how long the burger will be around.

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