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Heinz Stirs Up Controversy With Its Latest Release: Mayochup

Heinz has officially stepped in to tackle one of the great debates of our nation. No, it’s nothing political. It’s about, well, a condiment…

Do we or do we not need a premade blend of ketchup and mayonnaise?

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Yesterday, Heinz sent out one tweet — a poll — asking Americans: “Want #mayochup in stores?” And at the time this article was published, it has amazingly amassed over 690,000 votes, far surpassing its goal of reaching 500,000 votes, with 55 percent voting yes on the premade condiment and 45 percent passing on it altogether.

“Mayochup is a delicious blend of Heinz Mayonnaise and Ketchup, said Nicole Kulwicki, director of marketing for Heinz, in an email statement. “This is a condiment for all occasions — whether dipping fries, dressing a burger or making a sandwich.”

Mayochup Heinz
Image: Heinz

Let’s get one thing straight before we go any further: This is nothing new. “Mayochup” is just “fancy sauce.” We all know this. Do we really need a bottle that already mixes the two together when we’ve been doing it ourselves for years? Hell, when I was growing up, it was the best part about eating fish sticks — squirting ketchup on our plate, then dropping a dollop of mayo, and stirring them together. (Yes, we dipped our fish sticks in fancy sauce; don’t @ me.)

Fancy sauce Step Brothers GIF
Image: Giphy

Clearly, the folks over at Heinz are well aware the name may(o) or may not stick — especially considering this particular blend isn’t just known by fancy sauce. In Utah and Idaho in particular, it’s called fry sauce; and in Latin America, it’s called salsa rosada, or pink sauce.

“At Heinz, we are always looking for opportunities to bring great tasting products to our consumers. The next question at hand is the final name this delicious combination,” Kulwicki says in a press release. “We know our friends in Idaho and Utah are passionate about Fry Sauce, and we’ve seen lots of other great suggestions online, so if we get to 500K YES votes, we will be giving the nation a say in our final name.”

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Currently, Mayochup is available in the Gulf States, and by the looks of the poll should begin making its way to other states — with or without that controversial name.

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