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Kate Middleton May Be Royal, but She Gets Her Own Groceries

We know it might seem a little silly to bring attention to a pregnant woman going grocery shopping. I mean, after all, most pregnant women go grocery shopping. Some even take a stroll around the aisles while in labor. Others have really gone for it and literally given birth in the grocery store.

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But when the woman in question is literal royalty, it does feel a little more exciting. The Duchess of Cambridge, whom you might know more commonly as Kate Middleton, is currently on maternity leave from her royal duties and stepped out to go shopping at a Waitrose supermarket in Swaffham, England, this week.

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Kate is pregnant with her third child with Prince William and is due in the coming weeks. Her two children, Prince George, 4, and Princess Charlotte, 2, weren’t along for the grocery run, which, if you’ve ever tried to wrangle two young kids in a grocery store, you’ll totally understand.

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Admittedly, the duchess still looked very much like royalty on her trip. While we’re lucky to get a solid pair of pants on before heading to the store, she wore a gorgeous blush coat, her hair was shiny and lightly curled and her shoes even had a small heel to them. She even brought her own grocery bags, so points to Kate for helping to save the environment.

No word on what she was grabbing, although it does look like she picked up some vegetables, which can be seen sticking out of her bag. A metropolitan police protection officer accompanied her on the trip, but Kate shopped and loaded the groceries on her own. She really is just like us!

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