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‘Donut Fries’ Are Going to Change Your Dunkin’ Donuts Experience

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes are happening at Dunkin’ Donuts. After announcing in October they would be scaling back their doughnut selection from 24 options to 18, it seems they did so in order to make more adventurous doughnut products. First to be tested: donut fries.

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The fries basically looked like elongated doughnut holes covered in sugar, but does that sound delicious? Of course it does. It turns out they’re part of a whole new snacking menu option that’s being tested in Boston. Bostonians wandered into their local Dunkin’ to find the $2 doughnut fries, ham and cheese rollups, pretzels bites, waffle-breaded chicken tenders, cookies and a gluten-free brownie option.

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Dunkin’ Donuts, a Massachusetts-based company, chose Boston because the company has its roots there, but even if you’re not in Boston, there’s another reason to flock to your local doughnut franchise. Dunkin’ Donuts is also testing a cold-brew coffee option across the country from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Friday, April 6.

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Fans have already been making suggestions on how to improve doughnut fries, including adding frosting cups on the side.

Others have argued they’re just disappointing churros.

“The snacking menu features several new sweet and savory items that pair perfectly with Dunkin’ Donuts’ signature beverages and are ideal for an energizing afternoon break,” Dunkin’ told NBC Boston in a statement. “The test is designed to gather valuable feedback from consumers, franchisees and their employees to help inform future decisions about a possible national rollout.”

You know what that means: If you want to see these in a store near you, we’re gonna have to go buy Boston out of doughnut fries. Challenge accepted.

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