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Carl’s Jr. Tried to Make ‘SpielBurgers’ a Thing, Steven Spielberg Responds

Remember in school learning what it means to assume? That it makes an ass of you and me? Looks like Carl’s Jr. needed a gentle reminder this past week when the fast-food chain assumed director Steven Spielberg would be comfortable with their latest announcement.

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On Monday, Carl’s Jr. tweeted that in honor of Spielberg’s new film, Ready Player One, they’d change the name of their Charbroiled Sliders to — are you ready for it? — SpielBurgers.

“@StevenSpielberg hasn’t signed off yet, but we’re pretty sure he’ll be down with it,” the fast-food chain tweeted.

For one, that doesn’t sound appetizing (sorry, not sorry); and two, Spielberg caught wind of it and was 100 percent not game. In fact, he put a stop to it really quickly, hopping on film company Amblin Entertainment’s Twitter account with the following “official statement.”

“Hey there,” Spielberg, who doesn’t have his own Twitter account, started. “It’s recently come to my attention that Carl’s Jr. wants to rename their Charbroiled Sliders ‘SpielBurgers,’ and they’re pretty good, but I’m passing. Cease and desist. You can’t do it. Sorry, guys.”

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This video message follows Carl’s Jr. doing the absolute most by sending an employee to the Ready Player One premiere hoping to get the Spielberg stamp of approval. It didn’t work out.

They then got booted from Amblin and proceeded to leave a note on Spielberg’s car.

It doesn’t end there. In response to Spielberg’s tweet via Amblin, Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill, hilariously gave his two cents.

“Please have respect for one of the greatest directors in cinema history @CarlsJr!” Hamill wrote. “I, however, am completely open to the idea of “HAMILLBURGERS” #NoShameNoGain.”

Not a bad idea. It has a better ring to it too, honestly.

Whoever runs Carl’s Jr.’s social media account continued the conversation, adding: “OMG Spielberg likes our Charbroiled Sliders! (He’s not down with #SpielBurgers but we’re fine with that).”

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And there you have it, folks. Spielberg puns are officially a no-go. Hamill puns are fair game, though.

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