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Warby Parker & Arby’s Teamed Up for an April Fools’ Prank

The April Fools’ jokes are already here, friends, so keep your wits about you. The first of the day is a video put out by Warby Parker (you know, the hipster-loved eyeglasses company) and Arby’s (of fast-food roast beef fame) have collaborated to create a chuckleworthy brand: WArby’s.

WArby’s, they claim, is the “intersection of meats and seeing,” further illustrated in the video by a Venn diagram.

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Their first product is the WArby’s onion ring monocle. Don’t worry; they have plenty of examples of how to wear the fried “eyepiece,” although both CEOs understandably seem wary of putting it directly on their face.

“Fun fact,” their website reads. “You don’t need a prescription to wear an Onion Ring Monocle. Just strong eyebrow muscles!” We hope you’ve been doing your facial CrossFit exercises.

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The announcement isn’t just a prank, though. It’s also an excuse for both companies to give back. Warby Parker is making an extra donation to VisionSpring, which provides access to glasses to people who can’t afford them around the world. Arby’s is donating to No Kid Hungry, which helps feed the 1 in 6 American kids who face hunger every day.

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If you’re down for playing along, you can buy the limited-edition eyewear and merch to go with it at two pop-up shops in New York or online at the WArby’s store (onion rings are in-store exclusives only). Their Angus glasses, which appear to be meat-print spectacles, are already sold out, so hurry if you want to grab a T-shirt, hat, messenger bag, sandwich-printed lens cloths or a “shacket.” 

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