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McDonald’s Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry Is Back for Easter

If you’re like us, your favorite part of Easter is that it’s finally Cadbury Creme Egg season. Unfortunately, if you’re also like us, you live in the U.S., which means you’re missing out on this important milestone: McDonald’s has brought back their Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry… to Australia and Canada.

Yep, the same thing was true in 2016 when they released this resurrectionworthy treat. The Creme Egg McFlurry has never made it stateside, but they still announce its arrival far and wide, taunting us with delicious possibilities.

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Isn’t it bad enough that we Americans aren’t even getting the authentic Creme Eggs because of a war between British Cadbury and Hershey’s?

This isn’t even the only treat McDonald’s hasn’t brought to the U.S. — Hong Kong has Oreo-laden coffee drinks called Thin Delights, Italy has Nutella sandwiches and South Korea has chocolate hand pies.

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McDonald’s says the latest McFlurry is comprised of vanilla soft serve with big chunks of chocolate and the sweet, delicious innards of a Cadbury Creme Egg, which just, ugh, why would you even tell us if we can’t have it?

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If you’re pretty sure you can’t live unless you try one of these things, there’s always the DIY version. You’ll pretty much just need vanilla ice cream, milk and a blender you can trust with precious Creme Egg cargo to make your own at home.

Or maybe you can finally put your passport to good use and take a trip across the border for the real deal in Canada. What’s that the kids are saying these days? It’ll be worth it for the ‘gram?

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