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New Snack Alert: Chips That Taste Like Taco Bell Hot Sauces Are Coming

Taco Bell: You either love it or you don’t understand it at all. For those of you who can’t get enough of their zany but desperately delicious offerings, we’ve got good news: If you can’t get enough of their clever and tasty hot sauces, you’ll be able to buy them as already flavored tortilla chips in May 2018.

Taco Bell itself is behind the new products, and the chips will be available in three flavors: Classic, Mild and Fire. The Mild flavor features cumin spice and three types of chili peppers and Fire is infused with paprika, chili peppers and jalapeño. The Classic chips are traditional tortilla chips tossed with salts. Mild and Fire will be packaged to look just like the hot sauce packets, including their funny catchphrases like, “It was Fire’s idea” and “I knew I was your favorite.”

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It’s certainly not the first out-of-the-box idea Taco Bell has had. You may have hard of their nacho fries, for example, or their eyebrow-raising Naked Egg Taco and Naked Chicken Chalupa. Innovation is kind of their thing.

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However you feel about the chain, it’s always nice to have more options with your chip selection, and it’s hard not to imagine the possibilities. We’re thinking hot sauce tortilla chips crunched over your huevos or adding a little extra pizzazz to your chicken tortilla soup or making your plate of nachos out of this world.

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Needless to say, our summer barbecues are going to be on a whole other level this summer. We’ll meet you by the chip table.

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